Vintage Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball

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The long-awaited continuation of the Ladybug Farm series.

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Come home to Ladybug Farm, the place for everyone who has ever had a friend… or a dream.

It’s been four years since Cici, Bridget and Lindsay left the suburbs to build a new life and restore an old mansion in the Shenandoah Valley.  It’s taken hard work, perseverance and an unflagging sense of humor, but at last all their dreams have come true.    The house has been restored (except for a leaky roof), the vineyard is thriving (except for a hungry deer), and they are about to bottle the first vintage from the Ladybug Farm Winery.  They have weathered broken plumbing, marauding sheep, fire, hail, a  blizzard and a tornado to get to this point; nothing can stop them now.  But on Ladybug Farm, there is always a surprise…

Someone is getting married.

Someone is keeping a monumental secret.

And someone is leaving Ladybug Farm forever.

Vintage Ladybug Farm is Ladybug Farm at its best: heartwarming, heartbreaking;  filled with compassion, humor and hope.  Welcome back to Ladybug Farm, where dreams never die.