What Are We Looking For?

Currently Acquiring :Canine Fiction of any kind, cozy mysteries, women’s fiction
Word Count 40,000–70,000

When considering whether or not your book is suitable for Blue Merle Publishing, keep in mind that our books do three things:




A Blue Merle book should have a strong story (we can’t emphasize this enough!) with a hero or heroine we want to root for, a goal worth obtaining, challenging obstacles to overcome, and a distinct narrative voice that carries us through the story to a satisfying end. We are not looking for dark situations (child abuse, rape, torture, imprisonment, etc.) or dark premises (apocalyptic, dystopian, or dark fantasy). Think Hallmark Hall of Fame, not Mad Max.

The foundation of Blue Merle Publishing is canine fiction (yes, that includes werewolves!) If your book could feature a canine on the cover, we want to read it. We also publish women’s fiction (not romance), humor, cozy mysteries, inspirational, and some suspense.

But keep in mind…

Dog fiction does not include dog memoirs. If your book is the life story of the family pet (i.e. Marley and Me), there are many other publishers who would be better suited to your project than Blue Merle. We are looking for stories with a strong narrative flow, captivating characters, original ideas, and a distinct beginning, middle and end (not too much to ask, is it?)

At Blue Merle, dogs never die—at least, not while a reader is reading one of our books. Have you ever picked up a book with an engaging canine character and held your breath all the way through, wondering when the author is going to let something awful happen to him? We want readers to know that when they pick up a book with the Blue Merle imprint, they can read in peace. The dog is safe.

For examples of the kind of canine fiction we publish, see the Raine Stockton Dog Mystery Series and the Shapeshifters’ Library series.

As for those pesky werewolves…

If your werewolves pace the night in restless agony, howl at the moon and rip the guts out of anything that moves just because they can, hang out with coke-heads and biker chicks in tight leather body suits…. it’s a pass for us. We are looking for an original take on traditional stories; humor, historical, even futuristic would catch our attention. Examples of the kind of werewolf stories we’re looking for can be found here .

No dog? No problem.

We have discovered a strong cross-over between readers who love dog books and those who read inspirational, humor and mature women’s fiction. (by mature we do not mean Adult Content/erotica.)

For examples of the kind of women’s fiction we publish, see the Ladybug Farm series and the Red Hat Society series. Examples of inspirational fiction can be found with authors like Jan Karon .

Although our backlist is an eclectic collection from various genres, we are currently not looking for books whose primary focus is romance, or those that feature graphic violence or explicit sex. Other publishers do a much better job with these topics than we could, and we encourage you to seek them out.