Our Terms

Because we publish within 6 months after receiving the final edit on your manuscript, we do not pay an advance. Advances were originally designed to sustain an author between the time he first came up with the idea for a book and the time his publisher finally got around to issuing his first royalty check (which, even today, can be as long as three years in the world of traditional New York publishing! ) You will receive your first accounting statement (and hopefully royalties) about 70 days after the publication of your book. You will receive another statement/check each month that you are under contract with Blue Merle.

We pay 50% straight net on all rights. This means that we pay you exactly half of what the distributor (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Baker and Taylor) pays us. We assume all costs of production, promotion and marketing, of course. There are no tricks or hidden fees.

We license books for a maximum of five years from date of publication. If at the end of that time your book is not selling a minimum, pre-determined number of copies per year, rights will revert to you with no hassle, no hard feelings. Or if you want to re-up on the same terms, we’re happy to do that too.

We’re proud of the effort we make to keep our contracts simple and easy to understand. A sample contract is included  here .

Do You Need an Agent to Submit to Blue Merle?

You do not need an agent to submit to us. There is no complicated negotiating or bargaining to be done. If you ask to keep certain sub-rights–audio or film, for example– we will grant them. Everything else is non-negotiable, due to our relationship with distributors. If you do have an agent, however, you are welcome to submit to Blue Merle through her/him.