Released: The Shapeshifters’ Library by Amber Polo

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Librarian Liberty Cutter watches in horror as the town library goes up in flames, the victim of senseless arson. The good news is: the town elders are willing to re-establish the library in the abandoned Shipsfeather Academy building. The bad news is: the only thing spookier than the old building is the wolfish glee the mayor takes in getting rid of it. For years rumors have persisted about strange goings-on inside the derelict structure, and Liberty herself has often felt eyes watching her from the dusty gothic windows as she passed by. But even she never could have imagined that the truth behind those rumors was even stranger than fiction. Once long ago the Shipsfeather Academy was a training ground for an ancient race of dogshifters whose mission was to protect the world’s knowledge. A powerful curse sealed them in the basement of the building and gave the control of the town to a pack of evil, book-burning werewolves. For years the dogshifting academians have made the best of a bad situation, continuing to catalogue books in their vast library and using the funds from their internet giant, Zoogle, to make life a bit more comfortable for themselves with amenities like a gym, a spa and, of course, a Starbarks coffee house. But now that a public library is moving in upstairs, things are beginning to shift. Chronus, the Old English Sheepdog headmaster of the academy and leader of the dogshifters, knows he must make some changes if he is to continue to keep his pack safe. But even if he could persuade Liberty to believe in a talking sheepdog, how far can she be trusted? All he knows is that he has to try, because Liberty Cutter and her staff of zany librarians may well hold the key to the dogshifters’ freedom… and to the future of the entire town. The Shapeshifters’ Library:Released is the first in a charming new series that will have dog lovers and book lovers alike howling out loud with delight. With a generous sprinkling of “Dewey-speak” and “dog-speak”, clever literary references and some of the most unforgettable canine characters since Lady and the Tramp, Amber Polo takes you into a world you will never want to leave. The Shapeshifters’ Library is destined to be a classic.

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RELEASED: Book One in the Shapeshifters’ Library Series

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312 pages

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5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Blue Merle Publishing ISBN-13: 978-0977329663
 ISBN-10: 0977329666
LCCN: 2012914608
 BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary